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Online Safety & Gift Card Fraud

November 4, 2015|0 Comments

Get ready, get clicking and start shopping! The biggest holiday to shop from our fingertips is Cyber Monday (Nov. 30). Almost half of holiday shopping will be done online this holiday season, and a quarter of smartphone owners say they’ll [...]

Frightening Finances

October 7, 2015|0 Comments

More than half of Baby Boomers (61%) say running out of money in retirement is scarier than even dying! The first step to tackling your money fears is to identify them. I have 5 common financial fears people are facing: [...]

Financial Bullying

September 9, 2015|0 Comments

What is financial bullying? Almost all couples argue about money, but financial bullying takes things to another level. A survey from Credit Karma shows one in ten Americans in a committed relationship say they are victims. Financial bullies intimidate and [...]

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  • MD-HappyThanksgiving_11-2012

Happy Thanksgiving

November 24, 2015|0 Comments

So here we are - the beginning of the Holiday Season 2015. Stunning how fast this year has gone by. Pretty scary how fast it might go by 20 years from now. A blink of an eye as they say. [...]

  • o_second-thoughts-complete-90s-uk-sitcom-3-discs-avi-file-c84b

Second Thoughts

November 19, 2015|0 Comments

The markets have seen 5 straight days with a 1% move or more on the close. Oddly, that has ended with just a 1% improvement. So as we can see the back and forth movement continues. After Fed minutes were [...]

  • 3945170000_8c27e138c9_b

We Recover Together

November 17, 2015|0 Comments

First, thoughts and prayers have been going out to Paris and all who have been affected by the terrible events there since the coverage began on Friday. I suspect the world is becoming accustom to these types of grotesque actions. [...]

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