Mastering the Art of Financial Planning™

Class Overview
How do we ensure that we are not left with uncertainties in our old age? With recent tax law changes, the unclear future of Social Security, the volatility of the stock market and an ever-changing world economy, the need for practical financial knowledge is important.

The Internet promises to feed our minds with financial knowledge but all that information may be overwhelming. Further, how can we be sure of the source of this information? How do we know we are getting the right information to make an informed decision to create a retirement strategy that is right for us?

This retirement planning class provides thought provoking insights to these concerns and much, much more! Come see and participate in that could change how you view and plan for your future retirement!

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We start this class with the end in mind! You have worked way too hard your entire career to not have a clear and concise picture of your retirement. This section will focus on a different perspective of what retirement wealth can mean and contains some of the most valuable information we will be discussing!

  • Discover what it means to retire by design and not by default
  • A seven step process to building a retirement plan
  • Learn how to turn your working success into retirement significance

Why You Should Attend

This course was developed to give you comprehensive and objective information that you can apply to your specific needs. Studies show Americans are not doing enough to prepare for retirement. This inaction may be explained by retiree’s confusion over the many possible retirement strategies and a feeling they must examine all options.

During this course you will learn basic steps you can take now to increase your chances of financial survival in retirement. The practical tools and information provided will help you create a comprehensive retirement strategy.

So you can stay with your current plans and hope for the best, you can do nothing or you can take action to further prepare yourself for retirement.

Ask anyone about the road to retirement, and they’ll tell you it’s full of twists and turns. Just as it is prudent to be on the lookout for roadblocks on the asphalt, it is important to recognize financial roadblocks that could throw your retirement plan off course. Here we will be discussing the most common roadblocks and how to avoid them.

  • How to know if you have enough money to retire
  • The importance of a comprehensive written retirement plan
  • How to protect your assets from catastrophic illness and nursing home costs