You Need A Plan, We're Here to Help

You spend time with the doctors to stay healthy. You go to the dentist to keep your teeth clean. You take your care to the mechanic for maintenance to keep your car running well. Doesn't your financial future deserve the same care from a professional?

At Durso Capital, you don't need to know when to rebalance your portfolio or when to take your RMDs. You simply need to be an expert in what you want! You help us learn about you want in life, and we will help you plan for it!

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Clients Come First at Durso Capital

We believe that by putting our clients first, using an easy-to-understand language to explaining complex financial topics to serve those in need will help us achieve an important goal. We want to make professional financial advice and investment services accessible to everyone.

The key to our easy-to-understand language is what we call Simplicitree. This simple, yet very effective planning tool not only clarifies a clients future but also empowers them to achieve it.

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Many Financial Planners, One Philosophy
All of our planners believe that everyone deserves great financial advice and planning services. No matter which advisor you work with, you can be confident that the advice you receive will put YOUR BEST INTERESTS FIRST and that you are getting the best experience we have to offer.
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Start Planning Your Future Today

At Insight Folios, it only takes 3 steps to build your financial future. 

  • You Talk

    You talk, and we listen as you explain your needs, dreams and desires. Then we will design a Simplicitree plan and walk you through how this plan will not only clarify your future, but also help you achieve it.

  • We Act

    We will then work with you to then implement your Simplicitree plan. You will be able to easily track your progress and we will make adjustments to your plan as life happens.

  • You Relax

    Your days of panicking financially are now over. Do you need to make a large purchase? Need to pay for a wedding? Whatever your needs are, we are only a phone call away!

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