Paradigm Shift(s)

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Paradigm Shift: “a fundamental change in approach or underlying assumptions.” This was required in the late 70’s / early 80’s to understand the upcoming move from a manufacturing and industrial driven past to a technology expanding future. The stage is set for it to be a requirement again. Just as it was “not clear” for many years in the 80’s … Read More

Blind Spot(s)

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Blind Spot: “an area where a person’s view is obstructed.” Fearing the collapse of our economic system has been a running theme for many years now – it is not unique or new. It is also very, very crowded. First – welcome to the end of another week. We are down to 4 left until the official end of summer … Read More

The Greatest Risk?

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The Olympics have opened, the August haze is thickening, the heat is on and the bears are wondering aloud why the end of the world refuses to arrive. All is well right? The age old issue of finding something wrong with anything continues. It was not too long after the blowout jobs numbers that we saw the negatives streaming across … Read More

Yawn – More Jobs

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As the churn of August ends its first week only down a bit, it is important to note that markets have not yet traded back below their most recent breakout levels. While I am surely hopeful we get that trade back to skim off any early bullish feelings, it may not be in August as noted earlier in the week. … Read More

Wizard Behind the Curtain

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Markets continue to churn through earnings (see below). With the August doldrums dead ahead, that feeling of walking in quicksand may indeed be with us for the next several weeks as the summer ebbs into history. The swoon is out there somewhere right? On that note…Goldman sent out a pretty interesting piece yesterday. It hit all the major headlines and … Read More

The Doldrums Are Coming

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Ah yes, the start of a new month – and August at that – the often ugliest month of the summer haze. Every August 1st I always tell myself I will ignore everything in August – except the summer swoon. I note again for this time of year: August is often the month where so few are paying attention that … Read More

Lighting the Fuse?

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One can feel the shudder in the crowd as the number prints across the screen in big letters: “GDP Missed Expectations” and boy did it – by a good clip. Ok, so there – it is out of the way. Gasp, numbers are smaller than the crowd of experts expected. Not really – but it sure sells press. As we … Read More

The Flood Rolls In

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Needless to say, we are in the middle of the two busiest weeks in the current earnings season. Is it just me or does it seem earnings season never really ends anymore? The data remain compromised – as expected – from the energy sector adjustment and trickle-down effect. As we have previously covered, this situation likely has another quarter to … Read More

“Uncertain” Future?

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The character shift in the market which we have been discussing for many months is beginning to flex its muscles further. Oh sure, there have been plenty of stress tests, plenty thrown at this ugly old stock market, plenty of reasons for the end of the world as we know it – and more than a flock of Black Swans … Read More