Planning Perspective

Most financial planning software is based on individuals having to somehow create a certain amount of money before they are able to retire comfortably. However, there are other ways to plan for retirement. we developed a patent pending retirement planning system that empowers our clients to make financial decisions based on mathematical calculations rather than just feelings.

Baseline for Decisions

Our proprietary planning process gives our clients an objective baseline on which to make decisions. We accomplish this by solving for the minimum amount of return a nest egg must maintain over a lifetime in order to not run out of money. We call this your Retirement Rate. Knowing this rate helps our clients base their investment decisions on what they know, and not just on how they feel.

Risk Redefined

Most financial advisors ask their clients how they feel about risk, typically based on a scale of 1 to 10. Answering 1 means they don’t like risk at all, and answering 10 means they are comfortable with risk. Discovering a client’s Retirement Rate redefines the risk question. The risk question now asks, “how much risk do you need to take?”

“A good navigator helps people identify their destination. You will find a lot of success in showing people their destination in a more concrete way.” Unknown

The Simplicitree Planning Process

The most important part of the Simplicitree planning process is what we like to call retirement math. Math is unbiased, logical and completely transparent. We use math to calculate three very important rates of return. The rates of return can give a new perspective to those seeking to find a logical way to make financial decisions for their retirement. Most people base their financial decisions on a combination of past experiences and performance to attain what they want. Very few people base their financial decisions on a logical, mathematical approach that points them to what they need. The Simplicitree financial planning process calculates that information which gives new perspectives to those who use it!

The Power of Knowledge

How do you make a financial decision? If you are honest with yourself, the conclusion you come to will be the same as most people, your financial decisions boil down to a emotional decision. Most individuals rationalize these emotional decisions by using some for of financial terminology, but at the end of the day, financial decisions tend be very emotional.

Knowing your Retirement Number can empower you to make better financial decisions based on what you know, rather than based on how you feel. Feelings are very important, but should not be the primary factor in the decision making process.