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Understanding the difference between your fixed income and the retirement income you desire should be the first step of your financial journey.

That difference (your shortfall), should be solved in order to avoid liquidating assets or relying on an unrealistic rate of return.

Planning with our financial advisors will help define the retirement income you need, and most importantly, will empower you to solve your shortfall.

Our Financial Planning Process

Wealth Management
Clients First. Always.

Wealth Management that Puts Your Needs First.

Here at Durso Capital we believe in putting clients first. Always.

Having a relationship with our clients is the first step to understanding their financial needs. That’s why we pair you with an experienced financial planner so you can rest assured your financial decisions are in good hands.

We strive to make professional financial advice and investment services accessible to everyone. By using tools like Simplicitree®, an easy-to-understand yet very effective planning tool, it not only clarifies your future but empowers you to achieve it.

Our Wealth Management Difference

Insight Folios

Backed By Wealth Management Experience You Can Trust

Insight Folios Asset Management

At Durso Capital, our asset management is provided by Insight Folios, a leading provider of wealth management strategies that are not only simple to understand, but effective.

Together we deliver guidance and sophisticated financial advice.  Stop taking the financial industry at its word and start planning your future with advisors you can trust. Learn more about Insight Folios

Our Team

Serving North and South Carolina

Meet Our Team.

Paul Durso
President & Founder

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Charles B. Bowers, Jr.
Chief Compliance Officer

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Kyle Morgan
Financial Advisor

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Niki Erb
Financial Advisor

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Janet Dustman
Executive Administrator

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Kimberly Townsend
Office Manager

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What We Do
Put Your Plan Into Action

Life Doesn’t Stop and Neither Should Your Financial Planning!

Let’s have a conversation about your goals, your needs, and where you want to be in the future.
Our team of financial planners average more than 22 years of professional experience in all areas of personal finance, including the most important areas of investments, estate planning, insurance, and taxes.

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Client Education

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Charlie Bowers on Morning Break: Teaching Kids to Save

As a parent, it is difficult to team your children how to save. Watch Charlie explain some tips on guiding your child to save. Through the use of a moon bank, Charlie makes it easy to teach your kids the importance of money.

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Don’t Take Dividends For Granted – Insight Folios

I recently read a Forbes Magazine article by Michael Schmidt dated August 27, 2013 named Don’t Take Dividends for Granted. The name itself caught my attention.

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Charlie Bowers on WBTV: Saving for College & Retirement

The great debate, do I save for retirement or help my kids pay for college. Watch Charlie Bowers discuss this and give some great advice on how you can do both.

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If you have any mutual funds in your portfolio, then you need to watch this!

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The Mutual Fund Swamp – Insight Folios

Depending on the type of Mutual Fund, they can have stocks, bonds and other investment instruments diversified together and managed by a professional manager. Sounds great, sign me up!

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Charlie Bowers on Fox46: Kids & Allowance

Raising Kids is hard enough but when you add in the added pressure to teaching them to manage money when is’t tough for you and me. Learn some inside tips and tricks on getting your kids on the right path.

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J. Paul Getty – The World’s Richest Man – Insight Folios

In 1966 the Guinness Book of Records named J. Paul Getty the richest private citizen in the world. At his death in 1976, his net worth was estimated at more than $25 billion (in today’s dollars).

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Paul Durso on FOX46: Cryptocurrency

See Paul Durso discuss the Cryptocurrency hot topic on FOX 46 and learn what you don’t know about the new currency. Should you use it? Should you know more about it? What is it? All of this and more is discussed.

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