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Charlie Bowers

Charlie Bowers
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Charlie and wife, Lori, have been married for over 35 years and are extremely proud of their two children, Chuck and Jordan.  The Bowers family has been enthusiastically engaged and active in the Fort Mill and surrounding communities for over 25 years. Now in the financial world, Charlie considers himself a “recovering engineer”, having BS, MS, and PhD degrees in Chemical Engineering from the University of South Carolina.

Charlie developed a special desire to help families understand and implement sound financial and retirement strategies after seeing the strains and difficulties of life experienced by Lori’s mom and dad.

Two of Charlie’s ongoing personal challenges are: to grow up to be like his children, and to be one-half the man his dogs think he is.

Don’t Take Dividends For Granted – Insight Folios

I recently read a Forbes Magazine article by Michael Schmidt dated August 27, 2013 named Don’t Take Dividends for Granted. The name itself caught my attention.

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Charlie Bowers on Morning Break: Teaching Kids to Save

As a parent, it is difficult to team your children how to save. Watch Charlie explain some tips on guiding your child to save. Through the use of a moon bank, Charlie makes it easy to teach your kids the importance of money.

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Charlie Bowers on WBTV: Saving for College & Retirement

The great debate, do I save for retirement or help my kids pay for college. Watch Charlie Bowers discuss this and give some great advice on how you can do both.

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Charlie Bowers on Fox46: Kids & Allowance

Raising Kids is hard enough but when you add in the added pressure to teaching them to manage money when is’t tough for you and me. Learn some inside tips and tricks on getting your kids on the right path.

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J. Paul Getty – The World’s Richest Man – Insight Folios

In 1966 the Guinness Book of Records named J. Paul Getty the richest private citizen in the world. At his death in 1976, his net worth was estimated at more than $25 billion (in today’s dollars).

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Charlie Bowers on Fox: Tax Season 2018

Watch Charlie give some practical tips on how to get the most out of this tax season.

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Charlie Bowers on Fox 46: Money and Marriage

Marriage is hard enough but gets even hard when finances are not handled properly. learn a few tips and tricks from Charlie Bowers on how to successfully handle money when you marry.

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Charlie Bowers on Fox 46: Being Financial Wise in 2018

Learn some tips and tricks on how to be financially wise with your money heading into 2018!

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Charlie Bowers on Fox 46: Maintaining Financial Fitness

Charlie Bowers goes over a few tips on how to get financial fit in the New Year.

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It’s Just A Numbers Game – Insight Folios

Do you know if you can retire early? It’s just a numbers game, do you know how to play?

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