Summer is Always…

Boring. This summer is turning out no different from the others so far. The misinformation flow as it relates to Greece continues at high levels. It is easy to let your emotions get away from you and take you off track. History sides with that risk so we should be aware of same.

A Short video from our economist, Mike Williams

It is only 7 minutes long so I hope you enjoy.

In it, I review:

  • The paltry earnings expectations now set to be beaten
  • The “problems” of the strong dollar and low crude prices
  • The summer swoon risks
  • Greece Apocalypse Part XXVII

The Bottom Line

Quiz: During Monday’s selling, how many public companies did it take to create a cumulative market capitalization loss equal to Greece’s entire annual GDP?

Answer: 86


All of that – in a few hours of panicky assumptions.

Over Greece? Please….stay focused.

Summer is always filled with events that work hard to drive you off your course.

Stay focused on the long view. Stay focused on your goals. Stay focused on a good advisory team and make sure you have a coaching process to relay upon when your nerves are tested.

…and they are always tested.

Back to you next week and I hope you enjoy the short video by Mike Williams