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Social Security Is Not Dead, and Neither Am I? What Do I Do Now? – Insight Folios

Do you want to know when the best time is to turn on your Social Security?

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Paul Durso on WBTV: Valentine’s Day Budget Interview

Gone are the days of cheap flowers and a box of chocolates. Valentine’s Day spending has skyrocketed over recent years, hitting a new record of nearly $20 billion last year!…

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Paul Durso on WBTV: Save $100 a Month in 2017

Are you expecting a pay raise in 2017? Don’t! According to a recent survey, employers say they’re not planning to increase budgets for raises and bonuses for 2017. Not great…

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Paul Durso on WBTV: Holiday Scams

How are scammers targeting people over the holidays? • Many people are feeling more generous and do more shopping this time of year. Some of us are in a better,…

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“It’s Cloudy” Fatigue

There have been times in the past where “crowd fatigue” was itself a drag on markets in the near-term.  It seems pretty clear to me we are jogging through a period…

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Paul Durso on WBTV: Savings Tricks & Treats

Here is something to spook you this Halloween. Most Americans have less than $1,000 in their savings accounts and the number of people with more credit card debt than savings is growing.

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Paul Durso on WBTV: Financial Fantasy Football Tips

Who makes up the perfect fantasy team when it comes to your finances?

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Capitalism:   “An economic system in which investment in and ownership of the means of production, distribution, and exchange of wealth is made and maintained chiefly by private individuals or…

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Hidden Improvements

It would be easy to overlook that markets have stayed in a fairly thin band since breaking out to new highs in early July. Indeed, it has been over a…

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Lost in the Haze?

The chop of August – as well as price setbacks for many of the year’s leaders to date – has all been pretty normal this summer for the run we…

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Simple is Tough

Hard to believe that we are approaching the end of August – nearly 2/3’s of 2016 is already in the history books. One more weekend and then the official end…

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Talking Heads?

It began with the usual fretting over “selling in May and going away.” It then ebbed into the Memorial Day kickoff to summer and meandered its way here – now,…

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The Rake…

Rake: “the rake is a scaled fee taken by a card room operating a poker game. It is taken from each pot as the game is played. It reduces the…

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Simple Thoughts

Simple: “easily understood or done; presenting no difficulty.” Synonyms: straightforward, easy, uncomplicated, uninvolved, effortless, painless, undemanding, elementary, child’s play. Complex: (mathematics) “denoting or involving numbers or quantities containing both a…

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Paradigm Shift(s)

Paradigm Shift: “a fundamental change in approach or underlying assumptions.” This was required in the late 70’s / early 80’s to understand the upcoming move from a manufacturing and industrial…

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Blind Spot(s)

Blind Spot: “an area where a person’s view is obstructed.” Fearing the collapse of our economic system has been a running theme for many years now – it is not…

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The Greatest Risk?

The Olympics have opened, the August haze is thickening, the heat is on and the bears are wondering aloud why the end of the world refuses to arrive. All is…

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Yawn – More Jobs

As the churn of August ends its first week only down a bit, it is important to note that markets have not yet traded back below their most recent breakout…

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Paul Durso on WBTV: Olympic Financial Tips

The Olympics are about to start in Rio, and while all of us watch and read about the athletes competing for gold — we can be learning some valuable lessons, too.

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Wizard Behind the Curtain

Markets continue to churn through earnings (see below). With the August doldrums dead ahead, that feeling of walking in quicksand may indeed be with us for the next several weeks…

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The Doldrums Are Coming

Ah yes, the start of a new month – and August at that – the often ugliest month of the summer haze. Every August 1st I always tell myself I…

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Lighting the Fuse?

One can feel the shudder in the crowd as the number prints across the screen in big letters: “GDP Missed Expectations” and boy did it – by a good clip….

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The Flood Rolls In

Needless to say, we are in the middle of the two busiest weeks in the current earnings season. Is it just me or does it seem earnings season never really…

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“Uncertain” Future?

The character shift in the market which we have been discussing for many months is beginning to flex its muscles further. Oh sure, there have been plenty of stress tests,…

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