Thought you may enjoy our latest two videos:

Below you will find a piece on the Greek Events and Sentiment issues.  You really need to see this because even fund managers have now joined the pity party and you need to see the BAML survey updates enclosed.

In the video below, you will find a brief overview of the coming wave of change driven by the Gen Y revolution….be ready – it will soon replace fears of the Baby Boom slowing down.

Last Week’s Reviews

I have also included items sent last week for you to help explain our current trading range, see below.

I want to help you look back to our Q2 Review and summer assumptions, so far so good!

Hope you enjoy the viewing – and your summer weekend with family and friends.

Be well, stay safe…and pray for a summer swoon into the end of this trade range.

When this range ends – no one will want stocks again –

and that is very good news for long-term investors.