The 2014 Winter Olympics have officially closed, but what an awe-inspiring few weeks they’ve been!

When I watch the athlete’s race down an icy chute at 85 miles per hour or do a triple backflip off a snowy ramp, it’s unbelievable that they can accomplish such feats. For me, such things seem utterly impossible.

However, I have to remind myself that, while these athletes possess great talent, they are normal people. They didn’t start out doing triple backflips; the first time around they learned the basics like everyone else. As we see in the commercial, it is the many small steps that have allowed them to where they are now.

Every CEO of a Fortune 500 company started out with just a dream and a little initiative, and every great architect began with just an idea and a few blueprints. To make something great, one has to build step by step by step.  It is the slow process that yields great results.

For some, being able to live comfortably in retirement seems like an unreachable finish line. However, like those who compete in the Olympics, it simply takes time, planning, and small but valuable steps to win gold. Also, like the Olympics, a little good coaching doesn’t hurt either.

I hope that as you have watched the athletes that competed in Sochi, that their dedication has been an inspiration. While a financially comfortable retirement may be the ultimate goal or maybe just one of the steps in the process of getting to a different finish line, it is always a good time to take a few steps in the right direction. Proper retirement planning isn’t supposed to be intimidating, it is supposed to lead you to a winning financial future. After all… that’s why they call them the “golden” years!