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Winter 2016

So That’s Why…

So here we are nearing the end of Q1 with a Holiday shortened week in the US. With many schools out on Spring Break and families on the road for…

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Apocalypse Later…

Wow, what a difference 60,872 minutes makes! It was about 6 weeks ago when the world was awash in rampant, nearly uncontrollable fear about a few things: Plummeting oil Plummeting…

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Market Shivers

Yes we are back where we started a few months ago – started the shakiest portion of the internal volatility we have been so rudely introduced to in recent months….

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Out of Left Field?

Read a few interesting things over the weekend which are helpful to recognize as the media seems to be tiring over its own coverage of current world ending monsters. The…

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Flat Tire?

Nothing especially new to report today other than to reiterate our comments from late last week. We are likely witnessing a needed pause and test of this effort to stabilize….

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You Knew This Was Coming

So here we are, with the averages appearing to lose a bit of steam – even if in the green by a smidge. As noted in your last update –…

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Ebb and Flow

Ah yes, if we try hard to catch our breath amongst the waves of supposedly bad news flowing over us, we may just find what Mick promised long ago: “You…

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Spinning Tops

We all recall playing with spinning tops when we were kids….if you are over 50. These days, kids’ toys are far more advanced than wooden tops that spun around in…

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Maybe Broken is Better

After witnessing years of hype, angst, ups and downs – good and bad, terrible and excellent…humbling and exciting, it struck me that the masses may be missing the point sometimes….

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The End of The World? Huh?

Well, from the looks of things, it may be that I am a day or two or three late on getting you this video. However, this short review on market…

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