Niki Erb

Financial Advisor

Niki is a passionate Investment Advisor and fiduciary, who enjoys collaborating with her clients to create practical and achievable financial plans.

Dr Niki has a genuine interest in people and believes that one of her greatest strengths is her ability to relate genuinely to individuals. She invests time to learn and understand the personal qualities and life goals of each unique client, which she demonstrates with her interpersonal approach. She listens attentively and cares deeply, raising self-assurance and trust while empowering clients to reach their full potential and purpose in life.

Niki has a strong propensity for ‘giving back.’ She has coached young athletes, mentored corporate women, and supported people in career transition. She has also won numerous awards for voluntarily organizing and leading many community events benefiting children, veterans, the homeless, battered women, disabled, cancer, and AIDS patients. The pinnacle award she received was the 2014 PepsiCo’s Global Harvey C. Russell Inclusion Award for diversity and inclusion; this truly exemplifies who Niki is at her core.

Niki is a graduate of Rider University (NJ), and avid multi-sport enthusiast who, along with her husband Chris and their two teenagers, enjoys traveling. They also attend the Central Church in Matthews together.

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