Paul Durso

President & Founder

As the founder and President of both Durso Capital Management Co. and Insight Folios Inc., Paul is passionate about not only helping clients realize their retirement goals, but also empowering them with the tools necessary to become the masters of their own financial destiny.

In line with his desire to educate, he created the series “Planning Made Simple”, which offers comprehensive wealth management coaching for advisors and investors alike.  He also regularly appears on major television networks, such as CBS and FOX, to share his financial insights with a much wider audience.

A proud resident of Charlotte, North Carolina, Paul is known among his peers as an extremely relatable and down-to-earth advisor.  His wealth management approach is as diverse as his client base, offering a full suite of innovative, client-oriented services and products that are tailored to address a broad range of individual, family and business portfolios.

Paul’s enthusiasm for education extends to his own level of expertise, as he persistently stays in tune with contemporary investment vehicles or changes in market trends, and he maintains several professional certifications such as Certified Wealth Strategist (CWS®), Certified Retirement Planner (CRP®) and Certified Estate Planner (CEP®).

In his spare time, Paul entertains a wide variety of interests from innovative software technology to real estate investing.  He also finds great satisfaction in strengthening his faith in Jesus Christ and giving back to the community through his local church.  However, his greatest joy in life is spending quality time with his beautiful wife Stephanie and their three wonderful boys, Evan, Shane and Reid.

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