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We educate experienced and ordinary investors like you.

At Durso Capital and Insight Folios our job is to make the complications surrounding Wall Street understandable and accessible. We work for people like you, investors who are tired of the deceptive business practices prevalent in the retail mutual fund industry.

Follow our simple three step process.

Define your shortfall

Identify your retirement shortfall and solve for what’s missing.

Your shortfall is the difference between the retirement lifestyle you desire, and the actual income your portfolio will generate.
We provide you with industry clarifying investment strategy tools that are simple to use but deliver guidance and sophisticated financial advice.
It’s time to stop taking the financial industry at its word and start solving your retirement need with planning and education you can trust.
Test income strategies

Understand the good (and bad) options you have in retirement planning.

Trust you are making the right financial decisions by testing various income strategies.
Work with your advisor to understand your options related to investing, tax, finance, and distributions.
Take ownership of your financial plan and build a path to a successful retirement future.
Implement your strategy

Generate Dependable and Consistent Retirement Income in Any Market.

Protect your retirement nest egg while still living the lifestyle you desire.
Position your retirement assets to generate the income needed to ignore changes in markets.
Focus on the retirement you desire and build a legacy that allows you to impact the things you care most about.

You Have Questions, We Have Answers.

The best way to begin is to start with a simple conversation.

Our financial planners have decades of professional experience in all areas of personal finance, including the most important areas of investments, estate planning, insurance, and taxes.

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Simplify your financial planning

Use Simplicitree® to discover your shortfall, and we will empower you to solve it.

Simplicitree®  is a true planning tool that puts you in the driver’s seat to verify which income strategies are in your best interest, enabling you to make smart financial decisions.

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